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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to Relax your Body

Close your eyes. Get yourself comfortable, and concentrate on your breathing. Pay careful attention to your breathing. Recognize how slow and deep breathing will help to induce relaxation. Exhale, then take a deep breath in through your nose and blow it out through your mouth. Breathe from your abdomen, deeply and slowly.

As you concentrate on your breathing, focus your attention on an imaginary spot in thecenter of your forehead. Look at the spot as if you were trying to see it from inside yourhead. You will begin to realize that your eyelids have become tense. Get a sense ofhow tense the eyelids can become as you stare at the spot so that you can compare thisfeeling with relaxation. When your eyelids become strained and uncomfortable, let themdrop. Notice the feeling of relaxation that radiates all through and around your eyes.

Allow that feeling of warmth and relaxation to move out to the temples and across the
forehead.Let the relaxation then radiate to your scalp, to the back of your head, to your ears,temples, cheeks, nose, and ending at your mouth and chin. As you feel all the tensionleave your face, relax your jaw muscles. Let your jaw open slightly, so that all thetension can smoothly flow away. Relax the muscles in your neck. As you do, let yourhead tip forward gently so your chin just about touches your chest.

Let this feeling of relaxation flow down into your shoulders, and from there into the
muscles of your arms and hands. From there following down your back, over to the frontof the chest, on down to the abdomen, allowing it to reach all the way down to the baseof the spine. Let the buttocks go completely loose and limp. Allow the warmth andrelaxation to spread to the thighs, on down the legs, down to the ankles, and downthrough the feet to the tips of the toes.

Now you feel completely relaxed. Take a moment, starting from the top of your head
and working down to the cheek, to see if any part of you is not yet fully relaxed. If youfind any part of your body not fully relaxed, simply inhale a deep breath and send it intothe area, bringing soothing, healing, relaxing, nourishing oxygen to comfort that area.As you exhale, imagine blowing out right through your skin any tension, tightness, ordiscomfort. By inhaling a breath into that area and exhaling right through the skin, youare able to replace tension in any part of your body with gentle relaxation.While you are fully relaxed, take a few moments to enjoy it.

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